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The idea for the characters in the book came to Anna in 2006 but she didn’t write her first book draft until 2018. Writing the book helped her to tune into "what marvels and excites her." She didn’t do much with the book again until 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. She used that time to tidy up the draft. In February 2021, Anna told her sister Sally she had written her first children’s book and she planned to self-publish. Sally was very proud and supportive but she unexpectedly died a week later.


After losing her sister, Anna turned her focus completely into publishing her book and revised it until it was ready. Working on the book was cathartic and helped with processing the initial stages of her grief journey. Writing and publishing continues to help her cope with her sister's death. It is Anna's mission to get the book published and transform her most difficult life experience into something special.


The messages in the books are life lessons that she wants to share with her son Jack, her students and with all children. She believes these same lessons are ones that adults need to be reminded of as well.


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